Understanding the Courts

The main core briefly summarizes the two Courts of Kithain society and gives snippets throughout to fill in their roles. While other books continue to explain both further, that info is scattered and sometimes contradictory. The Unseelie Court gets the most confusing treatment; while it’s stressed that this Court is not “evil”, many of the writers go out of their way to portray them as such. Plenty of Seelie can be outright bastards and tyrants. I’ll try to show both in more a rounded way.



Keywords: Faustian, survival,

Understand mortals to better use them as a resource.

A note on Unseelie and Reverie here as well: Yes, an Unseelie fae can and do muse mortals for Glamour. The psychic over-load of Ravaging too much bears the risk of both Bedlam and accumulating Banality, so for practical reasons even Unseelie engage in Reverie. Of course, the flavour and style it takes on might be coloured by their perspective: musing artists like Lovecraft, or Dreamers who push the limits of body modification to become something “grotesque” (at least in the eyes of some mortals).

“Changelings walk a fine line often with what they can and cannot admit to the unenchanted. It is usually better to find ways to distract, deviate, and dance around topics rather than outright say something isn’t so. Actively and purposely crushing the beliefs of others is always worse than trying to cover things up or accidentally doing so; there is a difference between the Ravaging Thresholds of the Unseelie side and outright denying the existence of magic, and even Unseelie are aware of this. They WANT people to be afraid, to believe that there are dark things in the night. This is a murky area; ultimately, the key is not how truthful or deceitful the character is being, but whether or not they are fostering a position that denies, destroys, or rationalizes away belief in the fantastic. […] This is also one of the dangers OF Ravaging, and why even most Unseelie make use of their Musing Thresholds more than their Ravaging ones; it’s very easy to cross that line and destroy the very Glamour you’re after. -WOD: City of Angels, Banality Part II

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Understanding the Courts

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